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Helping businesses source their heavy machinery

D'rushah Consultants is a trusted facilitation partner dedicated to empowering small and medium-sized enterprises in Africa by providing favourable solutions for equipment procurement. With a strong focus on bridging the gap between SMEs and reputable equipment suppliers in the UK, we specialise in facilitating the acquisition of transportation, earth-moving, mining, and agriculture equipment, as well as other heavy machinery on flexible payment terms.






Recognising the challenges SMEs face in accessing favourable financial products, we have established strategic partnerships with equipment suppliers willing to offer deferred payment options tailored to the unique needs of emerging market companies. If you need an experienced team to help with your equipment procurement in Africa, get in touch via email: admin@drushahconsultants.co.uk.

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If you are looking for equipment for a mining project, a farming operation, an industrial development, or commencing a construction project, D'rushah Consultants are here to help. We find reputable equipment suppliers of all types of machinery and equipment, for businesses across Africa. Once we have facilitated a supply contract, we are engaged in ongoing collaboration with the equipment supplier and will provide updates on the shipment and smooth delivery of the equipment and machinery.
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At D'rushah Consultants, we have an extensive network of heavy equipment suppliers, who are both reputable and capable. Whether you require agricultural machinery, haulage apparatus, diggers, construction equipment, or plant machinery, as specialists in equipment procurement in Africa, D'rushah Consultants have the means and experience to make sure you can get the job done.


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With a focus on building strong relationships, delivering exceptional service, and facilitating tailored solutions, we aim to be the preferred facilitation partner for SMEs in Africa.

By leveraging our network of reputable equipment suppliers and our expertise in facilitating smooth transactions, we are committed to empowering SMEs with the tools they need to thrive and succeed in their respective industries.

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Equipment Procurement Partnerships

D'rushah Consultants' firm partnership with reliable equipment suppliers provides customers with a smooth equipment procurement journey in Africa.

Our strong core business values ensure that we provide you with a professional service for equipment procurement in Africa.

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At D'rushah Consultants, we understand the importance of efficient operations and effective communication in facilitating successful transactions. Our dedicated team manages various aspects of the process, ensuring smooth coordination between equipment suppliers and clients. Empowering businesses with equipment solutions.

Through our expertise and commitment to client success, we strive to enable SMEs to access the necessary equipment while easing their financial burden and empowering their growth.